Student Services


Genesis University is dedicated to helping you successfully complete your courses. Many of you may be new to distance learning, so to help you adjust to the distance learning format, following enrollment you will receive an invitation to attend an orientation. These orientations will be held online or through audio conference. You will be taken on a tour through a Genesis course, its methodology, components and requirements. You will be given the opportunity to ask questions and discuss concerns that you may have.

Advisement, Inquiries, and Comments

Counseling and advising are an integral part of the educational process. Students are encouraged to keep in contact with staff at regular intervals to discuss their academic progress. Genesis University staff are available to help advise and provide students with academic counseling and support. Students in need of assistance regarding enrollment or academic policies should email, or call (888) 259-4374.

Students may also contact Genesis University staff and instructors via e-mail ( In most cases, a response to any inquiry will normally be made within 24 hours. Course evaluations are also included with each course. These provide students with opportunities to evaluate the courses and help in the future preparation of courses, revising of content, use of materials, and instructional support.


An official transcript of all work completed through Genesis University is available upon written request and/or authorization of the student. The first transcript is furnished without charge. For each additional transcript, a fee of $10 must accompany the request. Transcript requests should be made care of the Registrar.

Library Services

There may be times during your studies that you wish to obtain additional textual material beyond what is required in the course. Genesis University staff will be happy to help assisting you in obtaining copies of additional material. Students also have access to the virtual LIRN library and our Audio Library. Assistance may be requested from the librarian, instructor, or administrative staff. Additionally, students may wish to make use of a local yeshiva or synagogue library. For permission to use their respective collections please contact the appropriate parties, we will be happy to assist.

Computer/Technology Requirement

  • Windows 10 or comparable operating system
  • High speed Internet connection
  • Word Processor (MS Word recommended)
  • Web Browser
  • Personal E-mail Address
  • Adobe Acrobat Reader
  • Webcam and microphone (can be built in)