Resources for Students

Student Information System (SIS)

The SIS is where students can access their academic and financial records. The enrollment form feeds directly into the SIS. Click here to access the SIS.

Virtual Campus (LMS)

The campus is where students can access course materials. Course materials are currently hosted in the Moodle LMS. You can access it here.


Good question. If you plan on earning a GenesisU degree, upon acceptance, you will be assigned an advisor to review your records and discuss which courses will meet your degree requirements.

If you are transferring college credits to GenesisU, you must ensure GenesisU has official copies of all your prior academic records. Once they are received and reviewed, an advisor will help you choose the necessary courses for degree completion.

You may also choose to start courses before an official review of your records is complete. However, you take the responsibility for taking any duplicate or unnecessary courses; it is your responsibility to ensure the courses you take will meet the degree requirements.

If you are taking GenesisU courses to transfer to another school’s degree program, it is your responsibility to make sure the GenesisU courses you are taking will meet the requirements of the receiving institution.

Payment for courses is due upon enrollment. An invoice is generated and will show up in your Populi dashboard. Timely payment is required.

You can generally enroll in two GenesisU courses at a time. With our rolling enrollment policy, when you complete a course and receive a grade, you can begin another. However, there may be limits on the number of courses taken per term.

View course-specific questions here.

Student Records

Populi SIS: The source for your student information and records.

The “My Profile” page is your primary source for information.

The Student tab contains your academic information.

My Profile > Student > Transcript

Shows your courses, final grades, and transfer credits.

The “Transcripts Action” dropdown allows you to download a student copy of your transcript or request an official transcript.

On the right, under Student Information, you will find your Advisor’s name and links to transcripts received.

My Profile > Student > Degree Audit

You can review your degree audit, once completed by the Registrar, where you can view courses taken, grades, and transfer credits accepted.

On the right, under Student Information, you will find your Advisor’s name and links to transcripts received.

My Profile > Registration

If self-enrollment is advised, enroll in one or two of the recommended courses found under the Registration tab on your “My Profile” page.

My Profile > Financial

Here you will find a list of invoices for fees and courses. Please pay your invoices in a timely manner. Unpaid invoices may result in locked courses and records.

Payments can be made by clicking the “Make a Payment” button on the right side. If someone else is paying, click the link below the button to create a payment link you can email.

Moodle LMS: The GenesisU Campus

Your online courses are accessed through our Moodle Learning Management System, or LMS for short.
Log into Moodle here:

Click “Log in” in the upper right corner of the page.

This will open the log in page:

If you need to reset your Moodle password, click the “Lost password?” link.

In most courses, you will be required to take a proctored exam. In many cases, the exams will be proctored remotely. The proctoring process requires that you have a microphone and webcam, these can be built-in, or separate attachments.

You are required to show your ID and the room environment to the camera. This means moving the camera around showing the room, table, or desk area. Your test area should be clear of electronic devices, books, or other materials unless specifically allowed for the exam.

In case you are wondering… Yes, unfortunately, students have been flagged for cheating, resulting in failed exams and even academic expulsion.

Academic Integrity Policy


When you are within 6 credits, or 4 weeks, of completing your degree you will need to apply for graduation.

Graduation Application

The Graduation Application helps trigger a final degree audit.

Make sure to do the following:

– Email your advisor and state you would like a final degree audit.

– Review your Populi account to make sure all transfer transcripts are noted.

– Review your GenesisU transcript and the transfer credits listed for accuracy.

– Review and pay any outstanding financial obligations.

– Pay the graduation fee.