Bachelor of Arts in Religious Studies (Judaic Studies)

Bachelor of Arts in Religious Studies (Judaic Studies)

GenesisU offers a degree program in Judaic Studies. Students in Judaic Studies study a variety of religious texts both ancient and contemporary. Courses are offered in subject areas such as the bible, Hebrew, ethics, philosophy, law, history, and interdisciplinary studies. Students who complete these courses study the subjects in depth to gain a knowledge and understanding of the textual materials, as well as skills in critical and analytical thinking. The courses are beneficial both on a personal and professional level and help create an educated and knowledgeable individual. The program also prepares students to pursue graduate studies.


Upon completion of the Bachelor of Religious Studies, the graduate will:

  • Read and utilize primary and secondary source materials.
  • Critically interpret Judaic concepts.
  • Discuss the historical development of Judaism as a world religion and the encounter with modernity.
  • Demonstrate an appreciation and understanding of the significance of the Torah, Talmud, and Bible in Judaism and their place in contemporary society.
  • Use critical and analytical thinking skills in applying theory to practice.
  • Demonstrate a foundation in Jewish law and tradition and the skills to approach the texts independently.

    This degree requires 120 credits, with a minimum of 30 credits in General Education, and a minimum of 30 credits in the program content areas. A sample program of study for the degree is shown below:

General Education Requirements:

English3 Credits
Mathematics and Natural Science6 Credits
Humanities3 Credits
Social Science and History3 Credits
Additional General Education Electives15 Credits

Generally, core courses should satisfy the following category requirements:

Bible3 credits
Law3 credits
Philosophy/Ethics3 credits
History3 credits
Judiasm and Contempary Society3 credits
Hebrew (co-requisite)6 credits
Religious Studies Electives15 credits
Total30 Credits

A sample program of study for the Judaic core is shown below:

HEB151 – Elementary Biblical Hebrew I

HEB152 – Elementary Biblical Hebrew II

HIS 355 – Early Modern Jewish History

HIS 375 – Medieval Spain

HIS 455 – American Jewish History

JTH 200 – The Jewish Calendar I

JTH 400 – Writings of Luzzato I

BIB 350 – Advanced Biblical Exegesis: Genesis

BIB 355 – Advanced Biblical Exegesis: Exodus

JLW 421 – Sabbath I

JLW 430 – Dietary Laws I

PHI 425 – Biomedical Ethics: A Jewish Perspective

Students may substitute courses and select other courses found in the catalog.