Tuition and Fees

Genesis University courses are $60 per credit. A three-credit course would therefore cost $180. Tuition does not cover the cost of required course textbooks or materials. An estimated cost of course textbooks and materials can be obtained from a student advisor or the Registrar.

Estimated Textbook Cost
Associate of Religious Studies – $400
Bachelor of Religious Studies – $800
Associate of Science with a Concentration in Education – $2,000
Bachelor of Science with a Concentration in Education – $2,000

The total estimated program cost depends on the student’s program plan. The cost can be estimated by multiplying the total number of units by $60. For example, 15 units would cost $900, 30 units would cost $1800, and 90 units would cost $5400. Associate degree programs have an additional $1000 graduation fee and Bachelor’s degree programs have an additional $1500 graduation fee.

Cancellation/Refund Policy

You may cancel your enrollment in any manner within five days of your receipt of the course materials and receive a complete refund.

If you, for any reason, decide to discontinue your enrollment after that period, the following settlement policy will apply:

Length of CoursePortion of the refundable tuition returned to the student
8 weeks1st week=80%
2nd week=60%
3rd week=40%
4th week=20%
5th week=0%

Sample Refund Calculation:
Student registered for a 3 credit undergraduate course in an 8 week term and drops the course in week 3 of the term. The refund calculation is as follows:
– Tuition for 3 credit course $180.
– Per the table above, dropping during week 3, for an 8 week course the student is entitled to a 40% refund.
– Tuition refunded to student (40% of $180) $72.