There may be times during your studies that you wish to obtain additional textual material beyond what is required in the course. Genesis staff will be happy to help assisting you in obtaining copies of additional material. Assistance may be requested from the librarian, instructor, or administrative staff. Additionally, students may wish to make use of a local yeshiva or synagogue library. For permission to use their respective collections please contact the appropriate parties, we will be happy to assist.

Audio Library
Yeshivas Ohr Reuven Audio Library
The Yeshivas Ohr Reuven audio library is a growing collection of shiurim from the Rosh HaYeshiva Rabbi Bezalel Rudinsky as well as other Rebbeim. The audio library contains all shiurim recorded at the yeshiva and at yeshiva events, and is updated on a daily basis when yeshiva is in session.

YUTorah Library

Jewish Study Guides
A list of guides prepared by university librarians worldwide to help students taking courses in Jewish studies.

Sefaria is home to 3,000 years of Jewish texts. We are a non-profit organization offering free access to texts, translations, and commentaries so that everyone can participate in the ongoing process of studying, interpreting, and creating Torah.

Open Library
Access to thousands of e-books, including Jewish Studies e-books, is available to read by signing up for a free account.

Feinberg eCollection
Starred resources are available to Spertus students and members only. Become a Spertus Member or Renew Your Membership for Online Access More Online Resources Please Note: Membership confirmation and account activation may take up to 3 days to process. Please check your spam or bulk mail folders if you do not see the confirmation in your inbox.

Open Access e-Books
A listing of several Academic E-Book Collections.

Writing Lab

APA Style Tutorial
The Purdue OWL: APA Style
These OWL resources will help you learn how to use the American Psychological Association (APA) citation and format style. This section contains resources on in-text citation and the References page, as well as APA sample papers, slide presentations, and the APA classroom poster.

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